English Shepherd's Huts LLC


Shepherd’s Huts were born in Southern England in the 19th century. During this era farmers struggled to cultivate their crops in the chalky soils that blanketed the English landscape. The non-fertile, low-yielding soils were a major obstacle for farmers struggling to survive. Desperate for a solution, farmers looked to Mother Nature for something that would boost crop production.

The answer?


While grazing on grass, sheep would deposit their organic waste to the farmland. More fertilizer = more production.

Next to sheep, the most important worker on a farm was the shepherd. A shelter was needed to provide the shepherd with a place to eat, sleep, provide protection from the elements and store his tools and medicine for the flock. Thus, the shepherd’s hut was born.

It served as a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and storeroom all rolled into one magnificent mobile structure. This versatile encampment had a wood stove in one corner, a bed sat opposite the doorway and small windows were positioned on each side. The arched-roof, rectangular structure sat atop a heavy-duty chassis with cast iron wheels that could survive the punishing landscape as it was moved from field-to-field with the sheep.

English Shepherd's Huts LLC

As a boy growing up in the Worchestershire region of the U.K., Founder Andrew Spittle didn’t give the sight of a shepherd’s hut a second glance – they were commonplace. Working in his family’s steel-engineering business in Birmingham, England, Andrew grew up in the steel trade of England’s Black Country, an industrial area of the United Kingdom. Using the engineering skills he developed in the steel industry, he harnessed that knowledge and transitioned to become a builder of authentic English oak frame homes. As that business flourished, Andrew relocated to California and became a U.S. Citizen before establishing roots in Central Oregon. Occasionally, he would reflect back upon his childhood days and the memories of shepherd’s huts dotting the English countryside. With that thought in mind came the revelation that huts should be introduced in the U.S. The undeniable “cute factor” and the versatility of the product should be brought to the attention of the American public…and he was the guy to do it.

English Shepherd Huts LLC was launched in the Spring of 2014 in Bend, Oregon. It is the first, and only, manufacturer of authentic English shepherd’s huts in North America.

English shepherd’s huts have been around for hundreds of years and well over a dozen manufacturers of huts have established successful businesses in the U.K. They are unique, economical, durable, portable, require no permits, use environmentally conscientious building materials (recycled steel) and are multi-purpose. They are a great option for a smaller ecological footprint. Various permutations of the original layout can be adapted to:

Guest quarters

– Needed extra space to welcome Guests who will be be delighted with their accommodations during their memorable visit.


- A private “off-limits” workspace.


- A calming, serene space with natural light. Disconnect and let the creativity flow.

  • Writers studio
  • Art studio
  • Music studio

Therapy, Health and Wellness

- A harmonious, temperature-controlled space for you or your Clients.

  • Yoga studio
  • Massage studio
  • Gym
  • Sauna


- An “outdoorsy” space for the Hunter and Gatherer in your life (and perhaps his four-legged, best friend).

  • Fishing lodge
  • Sportsmen’s lodge

Multiple Kitchen/Bunkhouse/Bathroom configurations

– Arrange multiple huts as an encampment. Use one as a bunkhouse, another as shower room/bathroom and another as a galley/dining room tied together with an outdoor patio.

  • Vacation Rental
  • Beach Retreat
  • Camping Cabins
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Temporary Housing
  • Storage

Children’s play room/house

- A fun space that will spark the active imaginations of precious little one’s.

Teenager’s den

– A perfect place for privacy and some separation from the craziness involving teenagers.

Personal/Hobby space

– Home theater, Man Cave, bar, home-brewing, wine-making shop, fly-tying room, Lego room, card room or whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed at home.

Business applications

  • Winery/Tasting room
  • Drive-thru coffee cart
  • Food cart
  • Growler refill station
  • Promotional/Event attraction
  • Ticket booth

Any unique purpose you can think of!